Author Jo Jean Thomas DeHony will take you on a journey that will let you experience Life in the Hotel. In this book, she shares the history of the hotel and how it eventually came to her hands.

In 1900, The Chamberlins moved to “Cody”, a town with few buildings and very few people. Agnes Chamberlin started a boarding house in 1904, later expanded into Hotel Chamberlin.

Her ideas filled with interesting challenges, were usually quite successful. She gave her Homestead land to the City in 1935 to enlarge the Airport. In 1939, Agnes sold the hotel to George and Hattie Edwards. It was renamed Pawnee Hotel in 1941.

In 1974, Edwards sold to Jo Jean DeHony. Jo Jean remodeled and operated the Pawnee Hotel for more than 31 years and sold it in 2005.